Tips on Selecting a Countertop Color

Most countertops will last a very long time so it is important you pick the right color and contractor. If it is not right the first time it will be very costly to change.  In this article we will discuss how to select the right color countertop.

  1. Light colors will make the room seem bigger.
  2. Light neutral colors can be more adaptable to change. With white or another neutral color you can change the color and feel of the room by changing accessories and paint.
  3. Matching colors to dark cabinets may be effective but can shrink the room particularly if the floors, walls or ceilings are dark.
  4. A dark countertop with white or very light color cabinets, floors and wall can offer a dramatic contrast and a very contemporary feel.
  5. Most people consider the countertop as the center of the kitchen so selecting a color that is too neutral can make the kitchen feel plain and ordinary which is probably not what you are trying to accomplish with your remodeling.
  6. Are you adventurous? Do you need the top to look just like the sample or are you willing to try granite tops with a lot of movement? Some granites with a lot of movement can be very dramatic but using these slabs takes imagination and courage.
  7. If you want a uniform color you can select a more uniform granite or one of the manufactured surfaces like quartz or even a laminate.
  8. The countertop is not just a decoration it is first and foremost a work surface. Make sure the material you select will hold up. Granite is great but can be porous so you need to seal it. There are a number of great sealers on the market. Some surfaces, even stone surfaces, are soft or subject to damage such as marble, soap stone and travertine. These can be used for dramatic effect but you need to understand the limitations.
  9. If you are using a natural stone make sure that you personally see all the slabs before they are used in your kitchen. Make sure they are from the same lot number which means they are quarried together and the color match will be the best. Avoid slabs that are marked commercial grade or similar grades. These will usually not have the dramatic color premium  residential slabs may have. Commercial grade slabs may also have carbon spots or other undesirable defects.  Slabs may have the same color name but can be far different in quality. Dramatic countertops may be exactly what you want but make sure they are not so unusual you will have trouble selling your home.
  10. Countertops are expensive so make sure you get one you love not one you are just settling for because it is a few dollars cheaper.
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