Ten Tips to Make Your Kitchen Seem Bigger

  1. Use light colors on walls and cabinets. White cabinets, light color on counter tops and light appliances will all make room feel bigger particularly if they are all the same or very similar color.
  2. The floor is like another wall so making it light and coordinate with walls, counters andKitchen Area cabinets will make room feel bigger.
  3. Limit the number of small appliances and clutter on the countertops  and wall hangings. If you do pictures use one large print rather than a number of smaller ones.
  4. Kitchens without soffits above the cabinets will the kitchen feel bigger but do not stuff cabinet tops with decorative accessories or you lose the advantage of open top.
  5. Proper lighting is critical. If a lot of natural light is not available you need to create it with under cabinet lighting, ceiling lights, track lighting or can lighting.  Even Skylights if possible.
  6. Consider the island. If the kitchen is small an island will make it feel even smaller.
  7. Do not use a larger kitchen table than necessary to fit your family. A large table will make room feel smaller. If you occasionally need more room consider a table where you expand the table for those times. When you select chairs select chairs with lower backs. Very high back chairs can make the ceiling feel lower and room smaller. Chairs without arms and a  glass top table can also make the room feel more open.
  8. If you have an open wall add a mirror to expand the feel of the room.
  9. If you have windows do not install coverings window covering such as drapes. Blinds or shades reduce light and bring the walls in closer. If you must install window covering make them the color of the walls to avoid contrast.
  10. The best way to make the kitchen feel bigger is to open it up to adjoining rooms such as family room.  You will need to coordinate the color schemes of both rooms but if you use the same techniques it will make both areas seem larger. It works best of the same flooring continues through both areas. If you must change flooring keep them in same color range.
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