How to Choose a Kitchen Sink to Compliment Your Design

There are a lot of options when you choose a kitchen sink. Here are some of the most common.

  1. Big single basin: These are becoming far more popular because the double bowl was invented so you could fill one side to wash dishes and rinse in the other side. With the advent of dishwashers and larger pans the double bowl has become less necessary and the single bowl more desirable. Be careful because some single bowls are so large they require larger customer sink base cabinets.

    Stainless Steel Sink

    6040 Drawn Stainless Steel Bowl

  2. Two bowls equal size: Often called a 5050 sink these are the biggest seller. They leave room for the faucet and are the easiest for the countertop fabricator to cut and install.
  3. Two unequal bowls: These come in two common configurations 6040 and 7030. They look good but have the disadvantage of having to offset the faucets because the big bowl is larger.
  4. Three basin: While these sinks look nice they might be too much of a good thing. They will often not fit in standard cabinets and require a large cutout in the countertop which weakens the top and makes it much harder to install the top without cracking or breaking. If a disposal is mounted in the center sink you cannot scrape food dir
    ectly from counter into sink.
  5. Zero Radius and VSR -very small radius – sinks are square with vertical sides. these have a very modern look. The countertop opening for Zero radius sinks are hard

    Very Small Radius Sink 6040

    to cut and polish and are an excellent place for a crack to start. The VSR sinks have a small rounded corner but are otherwise the same as zero radius. Both the ZR and VSR sinks are hand made so sizes may vary slightly.  They have a very similar look once installed. Note there are some smaller radius sinks with the sides sloped instead of vertical. These are drawn bowls and are much less expensive but do not have the distinctive look of the VSR.

  6. Farm sinks: Farm sinks have a distinctive look but can have disadvantages. The front is lower than the surrounding countertop so they are more susceptible to water splashing over. They may also stick out past cabinets and be more prone to scratching. They require modification to the cabinets so they are harder to replace should your tastes. change.

Farm sink

Source: How to Choose the Right Kitchen Sink

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