Where to Place the Microwave in Your Kitchen Design

When our daughter was born no one we knew had a microwave much less considered one in their kitchen design. Three years latter when our son was born  nearly everyone had a microwave. They were much bigger than today’s designs. They were noisy and the cooking was uneven.

Today they are sleek, efficient and necessary for the modern kitchen. So where do you put the microwave? Here are some suggestions.

  1. Below the counter: Yes below the counter. It frees up counter space but it can be harder to load and small children can be a problem. Our youngest grandson is obsessed with the beep on the microwave. Luckily our is high and he cannot reach it.
  2. Built into the cabinets like a built in oven: The good thing is you can put it any height but it is hard to put into an existing kitchen. Make sure there is counter space near by to set a hot pan.
  3. Put it in an unused cabinet.… as if there is such a thing in modern kitchens: Many designs today can be put in a shelf built by removing a drawer or pair of drawers. If you find a space it is an easy retrofit. Leaving the door open and crumbs in the cabinet can be a problem. You will need to add electric and perhaps change the swing on the cabinet door.
  4. Over freestanding stove: Many microwaves designed for this application have built in exhaust fan making dual purpose.  You need to make sure the stove and microwave match in finish and design. The microwave might be too high for some users.
  5. In a corner of the countertop or in a corner cabinet: This solution can make use of a corner but it also create dead space and if exposed a place for dust and other kitchen debris to build up.
  6. In a butler pantry area instead of the kitchen cooking area: The advantage is it can be used for items such as coffee or side dishes and not interfere with main cooking area. If the butler pantry becomes a place to make coffee, breakfast or snacks it can become a second area that needs to be cleaned regularly.
  7. In appliance garage; This gets the microwave off the counter and out of site but it has the same disadvantages as putting it in a cabinet such as collecting crumbs.
  8. In the island: This has the same advantages and disadvantages of having it under the counter. It also can put the microwave out of site but be careful when designing in a island with a larger overhang so you do not make the oven difficult to use.
  9. Over a built in oven: This puts all the cooking in one area but may make the microwave too high or the oven too low for some users. It is also difficult to add unless you are replacing the cabinets.


See the pros and cons of locating your microwave above, below and beyond the counter

Source: 9 Places to Put the Microwave in Your Kitchen

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