Why Eclipse Sinks – Certified Quality

Better Steel, Better Processes, Certified Quality

In Today’s post we will discuss the fact that Eclipse sinks are tested and certified to meet building code and for use with computer operated fabrications¬† (CNC) machines.

All components of the plumbing system including sinks and faucets are REQUIRED Eclipse 513 Marin Sinkby International plumbing Code, Uniform Plumbing Code and Canadian Plumbing code to be certified by an accredited agency to meet quality standard found established by ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers.)

In order to meet the certification requirements not only do the sinks need to be tested but the factory needs to be inspected every six months. As you might expect this is an expensive process.

Because many granite contractors have been offering a “free sink” as an incentive they have been looking to buy the cheapest sink possible after all they are giving them away. This has produced a market for cheap uncertified product.

I have often heard fabricators who are using these cheap sink say that no one checks to see if the sink meets code. They are likely right. BUT IF THE SINK IS NOT TESTED HOW DO YOU KNOW WHAT YOUR ARE GETTING? Do you want to spend thousands of dollars on a expensive countertop only  to have your sink turn yellow or brow? All sinks are a different shape so if you have an untested sink you cannot replace it with a good on later. You can only replace it with another bad one.

Eclipse sinks are also CNC certified. Our customer tell us it is the most consistent size sink on the market which means that your contractor can cut the top before they receive the sink and if you should find a way to damage the sink a new sink of the same model will fit.

Eclipse sinks are tested and certified to meet CNC requirements and ASME standards. The quality is certified!

About Tom Robinson

Tom Robinson is Director of Business Development for ANO, Inc. an Independent distributor of plumbing accessories - sinks and faucets - primarily to countertop fabrication and installation industry. The are the exclusive distributor of Eclipse Stainless products in the Midwest. Tom is a former home builder. Past President of the Home Builders Association of Greater Chicago, winner of eight key awards for design and construction and he created over $200 million in new real estate.
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