Questions on Your Kitchen You Didn’t Know You’d Ask

Unless you remodel on a regular basis there are a few questions you need to ask. You nee to know what questions to ask. Here are some tips.

  1. What codes do I need to be aware of in my community and do I need a permit?
  2. How should the cabinet drawers and drawers open?
  3. What edge should I use on my countertop?
  4. What finish do I want on my appliances and fixtures?
  5. What style sink should you use?
  6. What finish should I use on the countertops; polished, honed, leather look?
  7.  What material do I want on the toe kicks?

These may not be the most unimportant questions but they ones that are often overlooked.

Source: Your New Kitchen: 7 Tricky Questions You Didn’t Know You’d Ask

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