Fixing and Cleaning a Stained Stainless Steel Sink

I received a call recently that a year old Eclipse sink was dull and stained. The customer sent me these pictures and asked me how to “fix’ this stained sink.

The consumer told me she was using one of the “bubbling cleaning” products. The instructions on the can said they could be used on a number of surfaces including stainless steel. I do not know if that cleaner caused the issue, but the sink was obviously dull and had a definite brown hue. In short, it looked like an aging, poor quality sink. When she sent me the picture, I called and discussed the issue. Based on the conversation the user was so scared of damaging the sink she had used liquid cleaners only.

In many past articles on this blog, I have recommended Bar Keepers Friend and a plastic scrubbing pad like a Scotch Brite pad.

Below are the after pictures. It is the same sink as the on in the pictures above. Eclipse sinks are made to be used and cleaned.


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