New VSR (very small radius) sinks from Eclipse and ANO

Eclipse Stainless has recently switch from the ZR (zero radius ) sinks to the VSR (very small radius) sinks. While popular with consumers the zero radius sinks had some significant drawbacks. The sharp corners were had to cut and polish correctly, the sharp corners in the top were a perfect place for a crack to start, the corners of sink particularly the corner where the walls meet the bottom of the sink were difficult to clean and the sinks were noisy.

The VSR sinks are easier to fabricate, there is no sharp corner in the top for a crack to start, they are much easier to clean and the curved corners stiffen the sink and make it much quieter.

Here are pictures of the available sinks. 3219, 702 double equal bowl, 703 offset bowl, 1919, 2319 and 1515. The 702 and 703 are also 3219 in dimension.  Note the VSR bowls are hand made so there will be slight variation in sizes and the opening should not be cut before the sink is received. All sinks are 10 inches deep. The 2319 makes a great laundry sink.


About Tom Robinson

Tom Robinson is Director of Business Development for ANO, Inc. an Independent distributor of plumbing accessories - sinks and faucets - primarily to countertop fabrication and installation industry. The are the exclusive distributor of Eclipse Stainless products in the Midwest. Tom is a former home builder. Past President of the Home Builders Association of Greater Chicago, winner of eight key awards for design and construction and he created over $200 million in new real estate.
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