Help with Rusty Sink

On this blog we have invited consumers with sink problems to contact us even if the issue is not with sinks we offer. Often we can help. If you have an issue it helps if you can send a picture of the exact problem. The better the picture the more likely we can help.

Last week we received the pictures below of a sink that was offered “free” with a granite countertop.  This picture shows surface rust. The pattern of the rust indicates it is left over from the manufacturing process. In the fabrication process a good deal of cutting and grinding blades are used. We have found sometimes the dust including small amounts of iron dust settle in the sink.  It is also possible that similar dust can be from the original manufacturing process. Often the rust does not show up until the sink is in use and the dust begins to rust.

If this sink had a brushed finish the rust could likely have been removed with a mild abrasive and scrubbing. In the case of this sink it does not have a brushed finish. It has what is sold as a matte or flat finish. This in reality is no finish at all. They press the sink in the factory and call it done. Quality sinks manufacturers add a brushing to hide scratches and so that it can be repaired.

In this case the countertop fabricator eventually agreed to replace the sink. The bad news is it can only be replaced with the same sink as all sinks are different size and a better sink will likely not fit the opening. The consumer also has to go through the inconvenience of having the workmen in their house to replace the sink.

The best solution is to insist on a quality sink like and Eclipse Stainless sink when the countertop is installed.

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Pictures are used with permission although I was asked not to identify the consumer.

About Tom Robinson

Tom Robinson is Director of Business Development for ANO, Inc. an Independent distributor of plumbing accessories - sinks and faucets - primarily to countertop fabrication and installation industry. The are the exclusive distributor of Eclipse Stainless products in the Midwest. Tom is a former home builder. Past President of the Home Builders Association of Greater Chicago, winner of eight key awards for design and construction and he created over $200 million in new real estate.
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