Getting the Most Out of Small Living Spaces

We would all love a huge beautiful kitchen wouldn’t we? Even on this blog we like to post pictures of clean, spacious, luxurious spaces. The reality, however, is that most of us are probably living in smaller rooms than we would in our ideal world. The rest of this week, we’ll give you tips for maximizing your smaller living spaces and making them feel much bigger than they may be.

  • Be extra thoughtful about what you save. If your living space is limited, that extra toaster you have just might not fit. Be sure to really think about the things you want to have in your house, and part with those that aren’t necessary or sentimental.
  • Regarding the sentimental stuff: Is it something you can take a picture of? Or just keep a part of? Don’t be impulsive about it, just consider the different options.
  • Limit the amount of space you give to any chunk of items. For instance, keep only the books that will fit in a bookshelf. Or keep only the toys that will fit in the toy bin. Keeping extras of what you have storage for creates a feel of clutter almost instantly.
  • Don’t keep every single children’s project. Now obviously you want to keep some of the things your children do. To keep every piece of homework they ever bring home, however, will lead to boxes upon boxes of papers in your home that you likely won’t see the majority of ever again. Again, just something to think about.
  • Make use of all the space you have. Consider hanging hooks on walls for towels, coats, etc. Hang bulletin boards on cabinets or doors. Keep things that aren’t used very often in the back spaces of closets.

Check back in tomorrow, and we’ll have 5 more tips for you!


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