Getting the Most Out of Small Living Spaces, Part 2

Yesterday we brought you five tips for maximizing your smaller living spaces. There’s a good chance you have at least one room (and probably more) in your home that feels cluttered, or like there just isn’t enough room for everything. Today, we’re bringing you five more handy tips!

  • Pick storage containers wisely. Keep in mind that squared containers will maximize space better than rounded containers. Also do research about sizes. There is enough variety out there that you can probably find a storage bin with the exact dimensions you’re looking for.
  • Keep clutter from ever entering your home. Delete yourself from junk-mail lists. Take a pass on the free samples at the mall. And finally, consider leaving the toiletries in the hotel. Leave them where they are, because every hotel in the world has them. If you are honest with yourself, you probably don’t need 10 travel size shampoos.
  • Stay away from Costco and Sam’s Club. If you are low on storage space, don’t buy in bulk. You may have to go shopping just a little more frequently, but it will be worth it not having extra food and paper towels piling up on countertops and in pantries.
  • Your kitchen table can double as an office desk and a craft bench

    Make furniture multi-function. Your kitchen table can function as a desk during the day, and a dining space at night. Use handy baskets to keep office supplies easily stored away at night. Don’t have a spare bedroom? Get a sofa with a pull-out. Buy yourself at ottoman with a lid and storage space inside it. Make the most out of every piece of furniture.

  • Rotate your decorations. Don’t have enough room for the fun decoration you want to have out? Instead of crowding them, just rotate. Put your fun stuff into a couple baskets, and just rotate them each month. This will keep your rooms fresh and decluttered at the same time.

Check back again tomorrow for the final installment of this short series!

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