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In today’s post we are going to discuss the Better Processes that are used to manufacture Eclipse sinks; individually pressed bowls that are welded together and machined finished brush finish.Eclipse Stainless Triple Bowl Sink

Eclipse premium sinks are pressed one bowl at a time then the individually pressed bowls are welded together. This process allow more control of the stretching and more uniform thickness. It also reduces nickel lose an important ingredient in 304 stainless that hardens the finish and extends the life of the bright finish.

Eclipse stainless sinks are machine finished which applies a uniform brushed finish. Brushed finish is the best finish for a stainless sink because it hides minor scratches and can be repaired. I have a three year old sample sink I carry with me in my van. One time I was showing the sink to a prospect. I told him the steel was so good I could repair scratches. He proceeded to take out his keys and scratch may sample sink. I took the sink to his shop and removed the scratches. It worked so well I still use that same sinks a sample and I challenge people to find the scratches. No one has.

Many of the less expensive sink are pressed both bowls at one time. This process called annealing stresses the bowl and often small dimples form on the corners where the bottom meet the sides. These are not defects but imperfections that are part of the process.  This process is much quicker and less expensive.

Most cheaper sinks are hand finished. This can product a good finish but will most often be inconsistent within the sink or from sink to sink as the workmen have good days and bad. Sink made in China and are made shortly after the Chinese New Year can be particularly inconsistent as the factories train new workers after the turnover that is so common in Chinese factories after the holidays.

If you use the process we use to repair scratches on a sink made with cheaper steel it will often “flash” which means the repaired area will be a different color than the rest of the sink.

About Tom Robinson

Tom Robinson is Director of Business Development for ANO, Inc. an Independent distributor of plumbing accessories - sinks and faucets - primarily to countertop fabrication and installation industry. The are the exclusive distributor of Eclipse Stainless products in the Midwest. Tom is a former home builder. Past President of the Home Builders Association of Greater Chicago, winner of eight key awards for design and construction and he created over $200 million in new real estate.
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