A Rusty Sink Repaired Story

Here is an email we received recently in response to our offer to help with rusty sinks even if they are not Eclipse in a previous Bog Post.

Hello, I read one of Tom Robinson’s posts from back in April of 2012. At the end he says, “If you have an issue contact me and will try to help….. even if it is not a sink we sold you.” Well, I have an issue and I didn’t buy my sink from you! We just had a stainless sink installed along with new granite last Thursday. When using the sink for the first today I noticed that there appears to be rust. From reading Tom’s post, the sink most likely isn’t the culprit, but something we used and we need to clean it. I used stainless steel cleaner/polisher and it did nothing for the stain. What can I do? I fear my sink is ruined and I will have to have it replaced. Is there something the installers or plumber could have used to damage the sink? Thank you so much for your time and I appreciate any help! Stefanie

We responded:

Stefanie, can you describe the rust better or better yet send me a picture?

There is a cleanser available almost anywhere you purchase cleaning supplies call Barkeeper’s Friend. I would clean the sink with that and a Mr Clean Magic Erasure or a Scotch Bright pad. These clean most surface rust.

Do you know the brand of the sink. Unbranded sinks can be a problem because you do not know what you are buying.

Send me a picture or let me know if these worked.

We received a picture and email.

Thanks for your reply, Tom. I purchased this (Brand Name) sink from (Big Box Store):

Stephaie rsuty sink 2

We responded:

Stefanie, if it is a (Brand Name) then it probably does not need to be replaced.

The small pin size rust stains are likely the result of metal shavings in the
sink which rusted once you turned on the water. It is very likely this is
surface rust and you can remove it with Barkeeper’s Friend and Scotch Bright
Pad or Mr Clean Magic Erasure.

The source of the metal dust can be from the fabrication shop such as dust
from cutting tools. I can also be from construction operations in your house
or even in the sink factory.

If that does not work you need a abrasive such as Scratch Away (available on
the internet) or even fine sand paper.

I would be very surprised if this is the sink rusting. 

Good luck. Let me know if any of the above works.

We received a final email:

Tom, I purchased some Barkeeper’s Friend and the rust came right out! Thank you! Stefanie

Unlike many companies distributing sinks and faucets ANO has taken the time and effort to understand the product and work with countertop fabricator and the public. The big box stores have low prices not sink experts.

Tom Robinson

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