What you need to know about apron front/farm house sinks before you buy

stainless-steel-apron-front-kitchen-sink-tz3321cfs-2What you need to know about stainless steel Apron Front/Farm sinks, before you buy.

Apron front or farm sinks in kitchens are trending these days. They look great in pictures and can add interest to your countertops. There are some things you need to understand before you buy rather than after you cut your cabinets and have a stone countertop installed.

The apron fronts on Farm House sinks are lower in the front than the rest of the sink. In a working kitchen, water splashes as you wash or rinse dishes. Because the front is lower, water tends to spill over the front and leave water marks on the sink. The front apron will need to be wiped and cleaned more often.

The apron is also in a perfect location to be scratched by belt buckles or other hard objects on clothing.

The apron in stainless steel also tends to collect fingerprints and other marks.

The farm sink is a great sink…. as long as you understand the limitations.

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