Top Apps for Home Improvement

We’ve blogged just a little before about how technology has integrated into your home with our post on “The Social Kitchen“. Today we bring you more on that category with some of our favorite home improvement applications for your smart phone. Most of these apps are available both in the Android and iPhone application stores.

1. House Maintenance Schedule

This will keep you up-to-date with the things you should be doing as regular maintenance for your home. There are things that easily just get forgotten amidst the normal routine of life. This app hopes to keep you on top of things and make sure your home is happy and healthy for many, many years.

2. Bubble Level

Don’t have a level? That is no longer a problem. This app replaces the somewhat clunky and easy-to-lose tool. Simply place the phone vertically or horizontally on any surface and the hardware inside the phone will tell you how many degrees off you are from perfect.

3. Laser Level

This app does roughly the same thing as the bubble level. The difference is that it basically takes a picture of what you are trying to level, especially when comparing items. It will give you straight lines to look at to make leveling a bit easier when doing multiple things at a time.

4. Construction Master Pro

Although it costs some money ($20) it puts a full-use construction calculator right onto your phone. How handy is that? Don’t worry about batteries anymore, or an extra device in your pocket, your phone can now do it all!

What apps do you use when doing your home renovation and construction projects? Have you brought your phone into your work world?

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