Tips for Planning a Galley Kitchen Design

A gallery kitchen is a kitchen with two parallel runs of counters and storage framing the work space.  If you are creating a gallery kitchen design either out of need – that’s all that will fit in the space available – or for to increase open space – one side up against a wall and the other open over low countertops to dining area or other living space – planning is the key.

Make sure you do not make the corridor between countertops too far or too close so that working becomes cumbersome or uncomfortable. Remember your kitchen triangle of working surfaces.

There are a number of layouts that can work including symmetrical runs – both sides similar heights and layout or asymmetrical with all the tall cabinets on one side of the kitchen and lower on the other either for windows or opening to other living space. Varying the size and location of the cabinets can reduce the corridor look.

Be careful if the gallery kitchen is also a hallway to other parts of the house. If the working space is in a high traffic area in can be uncomfortable for family and the cook to have people constantly passing through while food is being prepared.

If one end of the gallery kitchen is closed off enhance it with contrasting colors or wall art to make it a focal point instead of just a dead end.

A island can also be used to create a virtual gallery kitchen. By adding an extended counter and some tall chairs you can create a social space for family and guests to gather while meals are prepared.

Because gallery kitchens tend to be smaller and more confined than other style kitchens make sure there is enough light both natural and artificial.


Source: 10 Tips for Planning a Galley Kitchen

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