The Best Cleaners for Your Stainless Steel Sink

Bar Keepers Friend

Bar Keeper's Friend - a trusted stainless steel cleaning brand

We have some recommended cleaners for you today! These are what we have found to be the best for your stainless steel cleaning needs.

Use brands that state “suitable for stainless steel.” Here are some of the best:

Other effective although less aggressive include:

For scratches, try a material called Scotchbrite (using very light hand pressure in the direction of the finish).

Please note: Chlorides are found in most all soap, detergents, bleaches and cleansers. Chlorides can be harsh on stainless steel, but because chlorides are very water-soluble they are usually not a problem. THOROUGH rinsing of your sink after each use to remove any chloride residue and weekly deep cleaning will keep your sink in excellent condition.

Look back tomorrow for a few tips on how to handle scratches, rust, etc.

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