Reasons Kitchen Renovations Go Over Budget

Kitchen renovations and remodeling often run over budget. According to the article below from Houzz there are common reasons the projects go over budget.

  1. Selecting expensive products or materials – custom cabinets vs. box for example
  2. Selected products were more expensive than expected
  3. Change in project scope or design
  4. Project more complex than expected
  5. Discover unrelated construction related problems
  6. Poor project management
  7. Poor communication
  8. Unexpected code building code requirements
  9. Change service providers

More detailed list

  1. Custom cabinetry vs. box
  2. Special features in cabinets/ pull our shelves, spice racks and more can drive up cost.
  3. Selecting higher priced countertops
  4. Selecting more expensive appliances
  5. Exposing unforeseen structural issues
  6. Code compliance
  7. Changing your mind during construction РAdd not making selections before you start to budget busters.
  8. Project creep where the dining room or living room now needs work to match the beautiful new kitchen.

Source: From the Pros: 8 Reasons Kitchen Renovations Go Over Budget

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