Preparing for Memorial Day

Memorial Day is coming up in just a few days — how did it sneak up like that?! We thought we’d change it up a little bit for the long weekend, and make sure you’re prepared for one of the most grilled-upon holidays of the year. Here are the grilling tools you need to become the master of your backyard:

Grill. This one is a bit obvious. Make sure your most fundamental grilling tool is in safe working order and ready for a busy weekend. Maybe you can even splurge and let yourself get a new grill just in time for the summer season.

Fuel. You need energy for your grill, whether it’s propane or charcoal. Double check that you have enough to get you through. Also double check your valves if using propane as an extra safety measure.

Tongs. Skip the forks. Those only serve to impale the meat and make it hard to actually flip. A nice pair of tongs is versatile and sturdy and will be your best friend while grilling.

Spatula. A spatula will serve you well when grilling burgers or fish. One with an offset handle will be the best option as it allows the greatest ease in slipping the spatula under a stubborn meat patty.

Basting Brush. This will take your grilling to the next level. Apply any kind of sauce with this brush a few minutes before you meat is done cooking and wow your friends and family. Make sure to get heat-resistant silicone bristles.

Grill Brush. Not only can you cook like pro, but clean like one too. Get a nice sturdy brush to clean off your grill after you’re done cooking for the day.

Meat Thermometer. There are some meats you want to be extra sure of when cooking, including chicken. An instant read thermometer will keep you and your family safe and enjoying every last bit. You don’t want to play the guessing game when your health is at stake.

Fire Extinguisher. Just in case. You can never be too safe when there are kids and fire in the same vicinity.

Paper Towels. Some sturdy paper towels will be handy for wiping up any spills that happen as you are grilling — especially during the basting phase.

Pot Holders. Some grill handles, mainly on older models, can be a little too hot to grab. A pot holder will save the day, especially if you’ve been grilling all afternoon.

Aluminum Foil. For grilling up veggies or smaller pieces of meat (for kabobs, for instance). Place them on foil and make sure they don’t fall through the cracks.

What other tools do you find essential to your grilling process?

Have a wonderful safe Memorial Day weekend!


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