New “Green” Options for Your Counters

[Disclaimer: This blog post will feature some brands names. Our desire, however, is not to give you a commercial, but to simply show you some of the cool new things on the “green” market for your kitchen.]

Green products are popping up just about everywhere you look. From the gas you put in your car, to the food you eat, to the clothes you wear – you are able to take just about any part of your life and add some green. And now you can start doing it with your counters as well. There are a few new companies and technologies out there helping the cause.

The first is Kirei Board. Essentially it is made up of leftover grass products and pressed into a board. It is designed to be strong, lightweight, durable, and of course environmentally friendly. It can be used for anything you would use wood or stone products for including cabinets, furniture, flooring and countertops. It can also be painted and finished with just about anything you would like, making it incredibly versatile.

Here is an example of a coffee table made of Kirei Board:

Kirei Board looks much like original wood.

The most pricey and newest option in the world of “green” countertops is recycled glass. They are pieces of art in and of themselves, and look especially beautiful with the right lighting. Take a look at a couple examples:

So the next time you are looking at getting new countertops, consider going green. There are sure to be even more options at competitive price points in the coming years.

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(source: Midwest Fabrication)

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