Marching to the Beat of a Different Drummer

Stanford Band Using a Stainless Steel Sink as Drum

This Stainless Steel Sink is Not Turning Dull and Gray in a Countertop

ANO Inc., the Midwest Distributor of Eclipse sinks and faucets is constantly on the lookout for ways to use the cheap sinks some countertop contractors are giving away with their countertops. We are looking for these uses because they do not belong in your very expensive countertop. We found this article about the Stanford band member using a stainless steel sink as a drum.

Talk about your different drummers. Tiggy plays the kitchen sink. She has it strapped across her hips like a snare drum and bangs at it with sticks, producing a rattle-whompus-Seussian sound, like a junkyard truck crossing the tracks. Nice.

One edge of the old stainless steel sink, the one facing out, is broken off and lethal as a switchblade. No worries. Tiggy knows what she’s doing. I think.

Full article; Click Here.
We will continue our search to find uses of cheap sinks that do not harm kitchens.

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