Low Water Flow From My Kitchen Faucet – Part 2 Obstructions in the Water

So you checked and there is no apparent build up of minerals. This does not mean there are none. We still recommend  that you soak the head in white vinegar just to make sure.

Now what?

Mud in Faucet

The next step is to remove the aerator which is the small screen at on the head where the
were the water comes out. You can remove the aerator with the blue tool that came with your faucet or if you do not have it any small adjustable wrench. When you remove the aerator check for build up or other debris. If there is debris what does it look like. If it looks like micro pebbles or even sand or dirt you may be getting this debris from the water. We had a customer in Indiana who had repeated problem with their faucet plugging up and even a leak at the flow to spray switch. We changed the faucet and sent it to the factory who took it apart. It was full of mud.

Upon further investigation it turn out that a contractor was working on the water lines in the customers neighborhood and broke the water line causing mud to enter the water supply. This mud not only plugged up the Eclipse faucet but a number in the neighborhood. Please note this is VERY rare.

It is more likely that debris is coming from small debris in you water line. We have seen metal shavings, small micro pebbles and even sawdust in the aerators. This debris can be left over from the remodeling process.

When you remodel you need to flush the water line before you install the faucet. To do this, turn off the water lines at the wall under the sink. disconnect the flexible water lines from the faucet and plac


e the end of the line in a bucket, run the water by turning the water on at the wall.  Continue to flush the lines until you do not see any debris in the water.

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