Low Water Flow From My Kitchen Faucet – Part 1 Mineral Deposits

You kitchen faucets is working fine but one day you notice that there is just not as much pressure as there once was. If you are getting less water flow and it happens over time it is likely the result of a build of minerals in the working parts of you faucet.

When we have customers call with this complaint we start by asking the customer to look at the head where the water comes out (all Eclipse kitchen faucets have pull out heads but this works for fixed units as well.) Is there a build up of white or grey minerals on the head where the water comes out? If the answer is yes then it is very likely that these same build ups are taking place inside the working parts of the faucet. Low flow will often occur fist on the smaller holes that are part of the spray mode. The buildup of minerals can also  cause the switch that changes the head from flow to spray mode to malfunction or even leak at the switch.  Even with a water softener this may occur because most water softeners only work on the hot water.

The fix for this is simple. You need to use white vinegar to remove the deposits. On Eclipse faucets disconnect the head from the hose. Remove the rubber button that covers the switch by pinching between the thumb and first finger. Then soak the who head in white vinegar. If you do not remove the button you may trap air and the vinegar may not get to the working parts. After soaking, reinstall the button and screw the head back on the hose. It should now work like new.

In our next post we will explore other causes of low water flow.

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