How to Correct Low Pressure on a Faucet

Sometimes a faucet will lose pressure over time. Several things can cause this condition.

If you have hard water, the internal parts can build up minerals. Even if you have a water softener, this can occur because most water softener systems are only installed on the hot water line.








If there are minerals built up on the faucet they can often be removed by soaking the parts with the mineral build-up in white vinegar over night.

On Eclipse faucets the most likely place for minerals to build up is on the head; the switch where you change the flow on the faucet, the openings in the head particularly smaller openings used in the flow mode, and the back check valve.

On the older model Eclipse faucets, you can increase the effectiveness of the white vinegar soak by removing the button over the switch. See video below.

Minerals and other debris can also catch in the back check valve. The valve is the smallest opening so it is often the first to get clogged. Here is a video that shows how to remove and clean the back check valve in the head of an Eclipse Faucet.

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