Gas Ranges VS Electric Stoves | Pros and Cons of Electric Stoves

This is our second article on the comparison between Gas Stoves and Electric Stoves. In the next few posts, we will share excerpts from an excellent article which appears of the Kitchen Sanity Blog.  There is a link to the complete article at the end of this post.

Gas & Electric Pros And Cons

In brief, here are the pros and cons you should keep in mind when choosing between a gas stove and an electric stove.

Electric Stove Comparison

electric stove range

Electric Range Pros

  • Cleanup is quick and easy.
  • The surface is flat for even cooking.
  • Startup is quick and safe with no pilot light to worry about.
  • Electric ranges typically have more special features included.
  • An electric oven typically provides more even heat distribution than a gas oven.

Electric Range Cons

  • An electric range is not a “forever” appliance. Electric appliances are easier to damage than gas appliances and they tend to look banged up and shabby within a few years after purchase.
  • An electric range is more likely to become obsolete in features more quickly than a gas range. You can expect to need to replace an electric range in fairly short order.


Source: Gas Ranges VS Electric Stoves | KitchenSanity

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