DIY versus Hiring Professional

In the down economy, many people have resorted to Do-It-Yourself (DIY) projects with hopes of saving a ton of money. That is certainly something to consider when thinking of home remodeling, but also beware of the potential costs of DIY versus hiring professional. Here is a small list of things to consider when making those decisions:

  • Scale of project: Are you replacing
    DIY Gone Wrong

    There are potential pitfalls to DIY projects

    a toilet, or adding an entire room? Are you building a pergola, or attacking your back yard with a full-size deck? With smaller projects, DIY is probably okay, and mistakes would be relatively easy to fix. Large-scare remodels, however, require large-scale money for any mistakes you might make.

  • Safety of project: How complex is the work you are trying to do? Doing some woodwork with drills and power sanders won’t pose a ton of danger, but working with power saws and any form of electricity is generally more than a beginner should even be attempting.
  • Sacrifice of project: How much time are you willing to give up to do something DIY? Keep in mind that most projects will take much longer than you expect them to. Something will likely go wrong, or you may not even have a concept of how long things should take. Many DIY-ers are notorious for having home renovations left incomplete for months because they simply ran out of time.

To recap: Scale, Safety and Sacrifice are all things you should consider when deciding on whether or not you should hire a professional for your next home project.

Especially when you’re doing a kitchen, keep in mind all the small things YOU will be in charge of purchasing and keeping track of. With countertops, for example, do you want the responsibility of buying a slab of stone and getting it cut just right for your needs? Do you want to handle your plumbing needs with installing a new sink and making it just right for your space? There are often more things that come than you could think of!

If you have further questions, give Eclipse Stainless a call today and we’ll help you out.

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