DIY Father’s Day Gifts for Kids

Father’s Day is approaching in just over a week. Having kids usually means getting handmade crafts from them that will certainly leave you brimming from ear to ear, but don’t necessarily give a whole lot of practicality. Here are four ideas from HGTV to pass on to your kids that will combine both of those things.

1. Painted Grill Platter — Most Dads love spending time at the grill. What better way for him to remember his wonderful kids than with a platter that he can look at every time he is grilling up some delicious food? It is an easy project that only requires a white platter and some paint.

2. Custom Tray — Men love their gadgets and their wallets. And there’s a good chance they get thrown in all kinds of different places when they come home. Buy a tray, have your kids splatter some random paint on it (or a design, if they’re ambitious!), and stay organized forever!

3. Stitched Card — What is Father’s Day without a card? This one is a little complicated, but if you have extra-talented kids, this might work! Maybe they’ll use some of Mommy’s help, too! Here are the instructions.

4. Painted Silhouette — Does Dad have a favorite thing in the house? Something he wears every day? Or a favorite heirloom? Maybe a knickknack that sits by the door? Put it into a painting! Frame it, and let him hang it at work, or in the garage, or wherever he wants! Find the instructions here.

You can even take it to the next level, and any son could do these for Dad with a little bit of time and elbow grease.

What have you made your dad that he has loved? Share your favorites here as well as on our Facebook and Twitter pages!

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