Choosing the Right Bowl

When choosing your new kitchen sink, there are more options than you may realize. Yesterday, we talked about choosing the right gauge. Material is another consideration, as well as color and finish. Today, however, we are going to talk about how to choose the right number of bowls for your sink. You can get single, double and even triple bowls from Eclipse Stainless, as well as many other sink manufacturers.

  • Single Bowl:

    Single bowl

    This is the larger option, although it does come in many different sizes. . If you have large dishes you are washing on a regular basis, or cooking for a large family, this is probably your best bet. It offers the most space by far and will never leave you confused about how to best use the other bowls, because there are none! This is most common for home bars and second kitchens.

    Asymmetrical Double Bowl

  • Double Bowl: This the most common option. This allows you to wash dishes in one side, and dry or rinse on the other side. Most double bowl sinks will accommodate a rack of some sort for dishes to air dry. This option has options within it — for instance, you can get a double bowl that is a larger, almost single bowl on one side, with the other side being a smaller bowl used almost entirely for washing fruit and things of that nature.

Symmetrical Double Bowl

  • Triple Bowl: This option gives you two larger bowls on the outside, generally, with a smaller bowl for washing fruit and veggies in the middle. The combines some of the positives of the other two, but is also very large. In a smaller kitchen, this may not be a great option. If you are family that goes through a lot of fresh food that has to be washed, this might be the most convenient.

    Triple Bowl

There are really two main considerations when choosing a bowl for your sink: 1) How do you wash dishes? 2) What kind of cooking do you do? It is generally that simple. Ask around, try to find friends who have different options that you could see and try out, and make an informed decision!

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