Cleaning ANO German Made Granite Composite Sink

Cleaning your new ANO German Made Granite Composite sink is easy. No harsh chemicalANO-200U Midnight are required!

  • When your sink is first installed it should be thoroughly cleaned to remove any construction related debris, dust and dirt.
  • Use soap and water and soft cleansing pads like Scotch Bright or Mr. Clean Magic Eraser.
  • For stubborn water spots, soap scum or other spots mild cleansers like Barkeepers Friend can be used.
  • To avoid build up of minerals or soap scum the sink should be washed, rinsed and wiped dry after use.
  • To remove mineral build up a mixture of white vinegar and water will remove the minerals. There are also a number of commercial cleaners available. such as CLR or Lime Away. Do not use acid based cleaners. Use only pH neutral cleaners. As with any cleanser test it in a small hidden area.
  • If you need to remove labels they can be removed with acetone – nail polish remover.
  • Mineral oil or commercial conditioners can be applied to a clean sink to enhance the luster.
  • DO NOT use steel wool, bleach, ammonia or drain cleaners. 
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