Lead Free Faucet Standards and Freendo Faucets

ANO, Inc. located in Arlington Heights, Il represents Freendo Faucets. One of the criteria that ANO used in selecting to represent Freendo Faucets was they complied with the lead free requirements of the new Federal Law and NSF/ANSI 64. Freendo meets and exceeds the standard. The kitchen faucets ANO offers from Freendo have a copper water channel which is lead free, Copper is lead free so the water channel is lead free not just less than the .25% as required by the law.

Here is the lead free certificate from Freendo:

Freendo ANSI 64 1


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Eclipse Stainless and Lead Free Standards

January 4, 2014 the low lead standard NSF/ANSI 61 which requires no more than .25% lead in the water channel became Federal law. Eclipse Stainless has always been made from lead free stainless steel instead of traditional brass and therefore always been lead free. To comply with the law, however, they need to get certification of complains. Below is that certification of compliance.



















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Why Welded Stainless Steel Sinks are Better than Single Pressed

There are two ways that undermount double bowl bowl sinks are made.

The bowl can be drawn (pressed) one bowl at a time and then the bowls are trimmed and welded together to make a two bowl sink.  The sink can also be constructed in a single pressing (called annealing) creating both bowls at one time. This eliminates the cost of trimming the bowl and the welding step making the sink much cheaper.

The primary disadvantage of the single press method is you are stretching two walls out of the center of the sheet steel. Below are pictures of a pressed single bowl before it is trimmed for welding. Notice how much steel has been stretched out of the sides of the bowl. If sink is made in a single step that steel needs to be stretched out of the center rail making them thinner.

Bowl 2Bowl 1

Single pressed bowls will be lighter than welded bowls if pressed from same steel. Single pressed (annealed) bowls are more likely to have minor imperfections in the corners between the sides and bottom. These imperfections will show up as waves or dimples.

Copyright 2014 Tom Robinson

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Happy Birthday to Us

This month we quietly passed our third birthday. microsoft-office-free-birthday-clip-art

There have been a lot of changes. In the beginning the blog was written by a professional Social Media company.  That lasted less than six months and since it has been written primarily by Tom Robinson of ANO, Inc. The topics have been limited for the most part to those directly related to sinks and faucets.

The blog now receives hundreds of hits a day. Thank you to all of you for paying attention.

Please send us ideas and request.

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How to Buy a Lead Free Faucet

How to buy a lead free faucets:

Look for the designation NSF/ANSI 64 on the package. This does not mean 100% lead free just low enough lead level to comply with the law.

Look at the faucet. If the copper water lines appear to be longer than is necessary to reach from the faucet to the wall the faucet may have added the copper to increase the weight and length of the water channel so the brass portion of the water channel is a smaller percentage of the total so they can meet the standards. A faucet like this will not reduce the amount of brass in faucet as a whole. Faucets with excessive copper water supply lines likely meet the letter but not the spirit of the law. It also mean the manufacturer has cut a corner to meet the standards which may mean they cut other corners in production.  

Look for a faucet with a water channel that is not brass. Brass is the base structure of most faucets and the source of lead in faucets.  To be lead free the water channel needs to be made of materials other than brass because at this writing no faucet company that I can find can produce brass without lead added in the manufacturing process.

Non-brass water channels can be plastic, stainless steel or copper. There may be other materials  of which I am not aware.

ANO represents two faucet companies that offer lead free kitchen faucets.

Eclipse Stainless faucets are solid stainless steel with no brass in the water channel. The picture below is a picture of Eclipse faucet parts cut in half. The second picture is of brass faucets cut in half. You will note in addition to having up to 8% brass the brass faucets have a rough water channel that can build up impurities in the water.  

Freendo Kitchen kitchen faucets offered by ANO have a copper water channel. Copper does not contain lead.

For more information you can visit the ANO website www.anosales.com.

Eclipse cut away

Eclipse Stainless faucet cut in half

Brass cut away

Traditional Brass faucet cut in half

Tom Robinson

ANO, Inc.

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What is a Lead Free Faucet and Why Isn’t it Lead Free?

On the surface the question ‘What is a Lead Free Faucet” should self explanatory. It should be a faucet with no lead but that is not the case.

Brass cut away

Traditional Brass Faucet

Traditionally nearly all faucets were made from Brass. Brass could contain up to 8% lead. In 2006 California passed a law allowing no more than .25% in the water channel of a faucet to be considered “lead free.” On January 4, 2014 the Federal Government followed suit so your “lead free faucet’ may have up to .25% lead in the water channel which means even faucets sold as “Lead Free Faucet” may have up to .25% lead in water channel.

To circumvent the standard further some manufacturers have increase the length of the supply line to the faucet which are copper – copper does not contain lead – increasing the weight of the water channel without bringing the lead in the faucet to actual compliance with the intent to the law. the increased water supply line adds no value to the faucet except to make it technically compliant with the .25% standard.

Chan notes that the typical household faucet weighs about six and a half pounds.  That means a typical household faucet can contain up to a quarter pound of lead and still be labeled “lead free” under the federal safe drinking water law. – Ecopolitology website

The Federal Standard is NSF/ANSI 61.

Frequently asked questions from USEPA can be found here. Sorry it is written in governmenteze.

In future articles we will discuss how to find faucets that are truly lead free and how the manufactures represented by ANO have met and exceeded the laws.

Tom Robinson

ANO, Inc.

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Tooting Our Horn

hornMy mother often told me, “Toot your own horn lest it not be tooted.”

We recent received this kind email from one of our customers:

Man you guys have great customer service. Between the Flooring, Furniture, Granite, & Windows divisions of the company we have a few hundred vendors we do business with and you guys are by far the best company to work with. If you ever have a person thinking about carrying your lines and they want to talk to one of your existing customers, feel free to give my name out any time you want.

Thanks again

Andrew Noel

Operations Manager
FloorShow Companies
Dubuque, IA

Thank you Andrew!!!

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How to Clean a Stainless Steel Sink

  •       To clean a stainless steel sink ANO recomends Barkeeper’s Friend and a green Scotch Brite Pad. You do  not need to be gentle on the sink but you should scrub with the brushing. If you sink does not have a brushed finish you will not be able to cover scratches.  DO NOT use steel wool or other steel products. These products will leave behind metal dust that will rust. The rust can normally be removed with Barkeepers Friend and Scotch Brite pad.
  • ·        Do not use the sink as a cutting board particularly with high quality hardened knives!!!  This will leave scratches in the steel that will be very hard to remove.
  • ·        Use grates fitted to the sink like Eclipse grates. Make sure you remove the grates clean under the grates particularly the legs regularly. Failure to clean under the grates can leave small stains under the legs.
  • ·        If you use a rubber pad on the bottom of the sink make sure you lift it and scrub the sink at least once a week.
  • ·        Acid based cleaners will harm the sink so avoid them.
  • ·        On a brushed finish sink you can remove minor scratches with abrasive scratch removers. We use a product by the name of Scratch-Away which is available on the internet.
  • ·        When scrubbing heavy pots protect the sink with grates or other protective accessory. If you rest a pot directly on the sink while you scrub it it can slide causing slide scratches.  
  • ·        Most rust spots are the result of surface rust from sources other than the sink such as the water supplyu or cans and can usually removed by a thorough cleaning.

Note, if you have a polished finished sink (sometimes called a mirror finish) it will be very difficult to repair. If you have what is marketed as a matte or satin finish it means there is no finish at all. The sink is  stamped and send it to market. Scratches will be impossible to repair.

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ANO and Eclipse at the Surfaces show in Las Vegas

There were no posts to the blog over the last two weeks as we spent the last two weeks doing the Surfaces/StoneExpo and International Builders Show/Kitchen and Bath Industry Shows on Las Vegas.  We returned with new product and new ides for our customers.

Here is a picture of the Eclipse booth at the StoneExpo show.

2014-01-29 15.40.03

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Customer Feedback on Eclipse Service from ANO

This week we had a customer who called about the loss of pressure on the cold water side ano logo smallof the faucet. Jim Olson from ANO worked with the customer to solve the issue although it was not the fault of the faucet. Kelley was kind enough to give us permission to use the unsolicited email she sent us Thank you Kelley. Helping is our job.

Hi Jim,

Just wanted to say thank you for all of your help!  I am sorry I did not get an email out to you for the parts I needed, but you know how they say bad things happen in threes.  Lets just say, I should be covered for the year 2014!  

I did have full pressure in the cold line coming into the faucet, but must have loosened whatever was plugged beyond that when unhooking, rehooking & turning the shut-off back on.  A lot of junk did come out after a couple of tries. I have replaced the cartridge, head & aerator.  I now have running hot & cold water @ full pressure in the kitchen sink again :) I do not have the spring installed yet, but will soon. 

I was extremely happy with your help with this, I have never experienced this level of customer service for any product. I was very surprised to see the Fed Ex truck pull in just a couple of days later with all the replacement parts we talked about, even though I did not get the email out to you! It was very appreciated!!!

I have been very happy with both my sink & faucet, but now I am extremley happy with my purchase. I have nothing but great things to say about your products & especially your service!


Kelley Fobes

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