Perfect Stainless Steel Laundry Room Sink from ANO and Eclipse Stainless

One of the challenges for ANO is filling the need for a working sink for laundry rooms that meets the needs and style of  Granite and Quartz countertops.

Eclipse Stainless has recentlyVSR-2318 introduced the new very small radius sinks (VSR) including a new VSR2318. The bowl is ten inches deep so it provides a good depth for soaking clothes if needs. It is 23 inches wide so it has plenty of size for a single bowl yet does not take up too much counter space like other options. The sink is also one inch smaller front to back so you have plenty of room for your faucet without offsetting it to one side.

See you countertops fabricator or send us an email for a countertop fabricator in your area.

Tom Robinson, ANO, Inc.

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A Rusty Sink Repaired Story

Here is an email we received recently in response to our offer to help with rusty sinks even if they are not Eclipse in a previous Bog Post.

Hello, I read one of Tom Robinson’s posts from back in April of 2012. At the end he says, “If you have an issue contact me and will try to help….. even if it is not a sink we sold you.” Well, I have an issue and I didn’t buy my sink from you! We just had a stainless sink installed along with new granite last Thursday. When using the sink for the first today I noticed that there appears to be rust. From reading Tom’s post, the sink most likely isn’t the culprit, but something we used and we need to clean it. I used stainless steel cleaner/polisher and it did nothing for the stain. What can I do? I fear my sink is ruined and I will have to have it replaced. Is there something the installers or plumber could have used to damage the sink? Thank you so much for your time and I appreciate any help! Stefanie

We responded:

Stefanie, can you describe the rust better or better yet send me a picture?

There is a cleanser available almost anywhere you purchase cleaning supplies call Barkeeper’s Friend. I would clean the sink with that and a Mr Clean Magic Erasure or a Scotch Bright pad. These clean most surface rust.

Do you know the brand of the sink. Unbranded sinks can be a problem because you do not know what you are buying.

Send me a picture or let me know if these worked.

We received a picture and email.

Thanks for your reply, Tom. I purchased this (Brand Name) sink from (Big Box Store):

Stephaie rsuty sink 2

We responded:

Stefanie, if it is a (Brand Name) then it probably does not need to be replaced.

The small pin size rust stains are likely the result of metal shavings in the
sink which rusted once you turned on the water. It is very likely this is
surface rust and you can remove it with Barkeeper’s Friend and Scotch Bright
Pad or Mr Clean Magic Erasure.

The source of the metal dust can be from the fabrication shop such as dust
from cutting tools. I can also be from construction operations in your house
or even in the sink factory.

If that does not work you need a abrasive such as Scratch Away (available on
the internet) or even fine sand paper.

I would be very surprised if this is the sink rusting. 

Good luck. Let me know if any of the above works.

We received a final email:

Tom, I purchased some Barkeeper’s Friend and the rust came right out! Thank you! Stefanie

Unlike many companies distributing sinks and faucets ANO has taken the time and effort to understand the product and work with countertop fabricator and the public. The big box stores have low prices not sink experts.

Tom Robinson

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Why do Eclipse Stainless Grates Cost More?

The answer to the question is…. How they are made

The Sink Grate is theUntitled3 most misunderstood accessories included in the Eclipse Stainless Total Eclipse package. Even the name  is confusing. Some people call them grids others call them grates. They have even been referred to as a strainer.  The strainer is the basket for the drain cover.

The Grates are the wire mesh made for the bottom of a stainless steel sink . They protect the sink and reduce scratching that is inevitable with a stainless steel sink over time.

Grates are made specifically to the individual sink model and manufacture.  An Eclipse sink grates will not fit correctly into a sink from another manufacturers.

Eclipse Stainless Grates are made from solid 304 stainless steel wire, no coatings and no chrome plating so there is nothing to peel off or rust. They match our sinks and are made to last a life time.5

A grate needs to fit into the  sink properly so it does not damage it. The grate should have rubber side protectors and plastic caps on the legs to prevent scratching. On Eclipse grates both the plastic caps and side protectors can be removed so grates can be run through a dishwasher periodically.7

I have a collection of sinks grates that customers have provided to me over the years.

Grates made from cheaper steel have coatings or chrome plating to protect them. The coatings and chrome plating does not hold up against multipurpose soa9ps and cleaning chemicals. Once the coating or chrome plating cracks and peels the steel is exposed and it will rust.

I have others made of thinner wire with larger grate spacing and they bend or sag. Many have very poor welding at the junction of the wires causing them to separate.

Eclipse stainless grates are made of solid 304 stainless steel wire specifically for each sink model and will last as long as your sink and stone top.

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What Our Customer Say About ANO’s Customer Service

awardHere are recent emails we received from a customer and a consumer.

From a customer who fabricates countertops.

Hi Karen!

I thought I would let you know (I hope you don’t mind) I used your response as an example of good customer service with another supplier today.

I appreciate all your help and letting me know when something will take longer then normal to get to me or any issue with any order we ever have!!!!!!!

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!

Mark  H

This from a customer that came home from vacation to find her soap dispenser not working because the soap had hardened in the wick:

Hi Tom,

Thank you very much for the assistance with the soap dispenser. I did what you recommended and you were correct. I was able to unclog it and it’s working fine.

Eclipse SS sinks, faucets and soap dispensers are the best quality products I have come across in a long time.  I hope they stay that way because the quality of many products has declined drastically over the last few decades. Your customer service is superb! It is encouraging to know that there still are reliable products and services left.

Thank you very much!

Vera G



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The New Shasta Faucet from ANO and Eclipse

One of the most popularNew head for 3029 faucets from ANO and Eclipse Stainless, the KPS3029 Shasta, has been redesigned with a new pull out spray head. The new design is lighter than the previous version and has a sleeker look. The part number for the new Shasta is KPS3029C.

The new head also has the flow to spray switch on the bottom of the sprayer so you can operate the switch with index and middle finger without reversing the head back toward the faucet and kinking the hose.

.Like all the Eclipse faucets the New KPS3029C Shasta is lead free, is solid stainless steel so there is not finish to wear of come off, all the components, head, neck and body, are made from sand casting so they all match,  it is solid to last a lifetime, has a spring retraction system with no weight to bang on plumbing or hang up on under sink storage.

As we write this blog post ANO is the only Eclipse Distributor to have this faucet and is now shipping this faucet on all Shasta orders

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What to Do with Windowless Bathrooms

Sometimes you have a windowless bathroom and while it is OK for a powder room sometimes you just wish you had a window. Here are some ideas from the web on how to fake a window. bathroom-mural_fs Create-a-Faux-Bathroom-Window1 fake window 027 faux_window Faux-Stained-Glass-Window-Film-Awesome faux-window IMG_5790

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Granite for Your Kitchen Table Not Just Your Countertop

If you love the look of natural stone such granite, marble or even quartz but do not want to replace all your countertops you can get the look by adding a granite top to your Kitchen table. Here are a couple of idea. Like a countertop make sure the stone is appropriate for kitchen use. Many marbles, for example, might be too soft for use as a table top.

fgwkcu granite_kit_table granite-kitchen-table-bdns6z6m granite-kitchen-table-tops-ubnn87x8 granite-table-1 Photo101_edited-1 portable-granite-refinishing-a-kitchen-table table-top-baltic-brown White Springs Granite Table 2

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New VSR (very small radius) sinks from Eclipse and ANO

Eclipse Stainless has recently switch from the ZR (zero radius ) sinks to the VSR (very small radius) sinks. While popular with consumers the zero radius sinks had some significant drawbacks. The sharp corners were had to cut and polish correctly, the sharp corners in the top were a perfect place for a crack to start, the corners of sink particularly the corner where the walls meet the bottom of the sink were difficult to clean and the sinks were noisy.

The VSR sinks are easier to fabricate, there is no sharp corner in the top for a crack to start, they are much easier to clean and the curved corners stiffen the sink and make it much quieter.

Here are pictures of the available sinks. 3219, 702 double equal bowl, 703 offset bowl, 1919, 2319 and 1515. The 702 and 703 are also 3219 in dimension.  Note the VSR bowls are hand made so there will be slight variation in sizes and the opening should not be cut before the sink is received. All sinks are 10 inches deep. The 2319 makes a great laundry sink.


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Revised Height on the Popular Oakbrook 6601BN faucet from ANO

ANO announces a design change in the very popular Oakbrook 6601BN.  Due to a large number of customer requests the height of the Oakbrook in brushed nickel has been reduced.  The original design of the Oakbrook was 18″ high. We received a number of requests for this faucet in the more standard 15 to 16 inch height. The bushed nickel Oakbrook has been redesigned to be 15.5 inches tall. This makes it more window and cabinet friendly. All Oakbrook 6601BN will be shipped in the new height effective immediately. ANO has not received stock on the shorter version in oil rubbed bronze and will continue to ship the original faucet.




New Height




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Unusual Bathroom Designs

Years ago I visited a model home where the ceiling of the powder room was painted blue and the ceiling was a collection of the bottom half of ducks as if you were looking up at the surface of the pond from below.

I love the imagination the some people can use – not to mention the money – to create an unusual room. Here are some pictures of unusual bathrooms to spark your imagination. unusual-bathtub1 z-THSmith11025Pages1 unique-bathroom-vanity-mirrors-rqxiqccf Unique-Stone-Bathroom-design-by-arkiden UniqueBathroom cool+bathrooms+auckland+plumber+(1)  bathroom+unusual





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