Why are Eclipse Sink Grates (Grids) more expensive?

The answer to the question in the title to this blog post is…. they are just better.

The Sink Grate is most misunderstood accessories included in the Eclipse Stainless Total Eclipse package. Even the name is confusing. Some call them grids and some call them grates. They have even been referred to as strainer but the strainer is the basket strainer drain cover.

Ecliipse Sink Grid (Grate)

Eclipse Sink Grid (Grate)

The Grates are the wire mesh made for the bottom of a stainless steel sink that protect the sink and reduce scratching that is inevitable with a stainless steel sink.

Grates are made specific to the individual sink manufacturer and model. An Eclipse sink grid will likely not fit correctly in a sink from another manufacturer.

Eclipse Stainless Grates are made from 304 stainless steel so they match the sink and to last a life time.

A grate needs to fit tightly in the sinks so it does not move around and damage the sink. The sides of the grate should have rubber spacers (shoes)  to protect the sink. The grid should also have rubber of plastic caps on the feet that rest on the bottom of the sink. These caps are called legs. On the Eclipse grates both the legs and shoes can be removed so the grate can be run through the dishwasher periodically.

I have a collection of sinks grids that customers have provided to me over the years.

Che3ap Grid

Cheap Grid


Failed plastic coating


Rusting grid


bad welds and failed coating

Some have a coating to protect the grid set which is made from cheaper steel. The problem is unlike 304 stainless  the coating  does not hold up to the dishes and cleaning chemicals. Once the coating cracks or peels the steel is exposed and may rust.

I have others that have thinner wire at bigger spacing so they bend or sag. Many have very poor welding at the junction of the wires.

Eclipse stainless grates are made specifically for each model and will last as long as your sink and stone top.

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New VSR (very small radius) sinks from Eclipse and ANO

Eclipse Stainless has recently switch from the ZR (zero radius ) sinks to the VSR (very small radius) sinks. While popular with consumers the zero radius sinks had some significant drawbacks. The sharp corners were had to cut and polish correctly, the sharp corners in the top were a perfect place for a crack to start, the corners of sink particularly the corner where the walls meet the bottom of the sink were difficult to clean and the sinks were noisy.

The VSR sinks are easier to fabricate, there is no sharp corner in the top for a crack to start, they are much easier to clean and the curved corners stiffen the sink and make it much quieter.

Here are pictures of the available sinks. 3219, 702 double equal bowl, 703 offset bowl, 1919, 2319 and 1515. The 702 and 703 are also 3219 in dimension.  Note the VSR bowls are hand made so there will be slight variation in sizes and the opening should not be cut before the sink is received. All sinks are 10 inches deep. The 2319 makes a great laundry sink.


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Revised Height on the Popular Oakbrook 6601BN faucet from ANO

ANO announces a design change in the very popular Oakbrook 6601BN.  Due to a large number of customer requests the height of the Oakbrook in brushed nickel has been reduced.  The original design of the Oakbrook was 18″ high. We received a number of requests for this faucet in the more standard 15 to 16 inch height. The bushed nickel Oakbrook has been redesigned to be 15.5 inches tall. This makes it more window and cabinet friendly. All Oakbrook 6601BN will be shipped in the new height effective immediately. ANO has not received stock on the shorter version in oil rubbed bronze and will continue to ship the original faucet.




New Height




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Unusual Bathroom Designs

Years ago I visited a model home where the ceiling of the powder room was painted blue and the ceiling was a collection of the bottom half of ducks as if you were looking up at the surface of the pond from below.

I love the imagination the some people can use – not to mention the money – to create an unusual room. Here are some pictures of unusual bathrooms to spark your imagination. unusual-bathtub1 z-THSmith11025Pages1 unique-bathroom-vanity-mirrors-rqxiqccf Unique-Stone-Bathroom-design-by-arkiden UniqueBathroom cool+bathrooms+auckland+plumber+(1)  bathroom+unusual





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What Can Damage a Stainless Steel Sink

Stainless steel sinks are pretty rugged and while they do scratch they will resist rust and with a little care they will last a lifetime. Eclipse Stainless steel sinks are designed to go with stone countertops and last a very long time. While sturdy they are not indestructible.  We do not like to talk about problems but being forewarned is forearmed. ANO recently received a warranty call. The complaint was the finish was bad. Below is the picture we received.

When we called the consumer our first question was did you have tile work done. The answer was yes but the consumer was convinced the “tile guy” had been very careful. After further investigation we discovered the “tile guy” was the homeowner and he had cleaned the tools he used to acid wash the tile in the sink.

Acid will damage the sink finish so it is critical that when working with acid or even selecting cleaners avoid acid based chemicals and cleaners. Note in the picture the stainless steel garbage disposal has the same damage as the sink.

So what can you do? Likely the easiest is to replace the sink. If the damage is not too severe the finish can be restored or at least the damaged surface can be removed by grinding the surface of the sink. This will take specialized tools and experience and is not recommended for homeowners.



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New Consumer Video Page from ANO

Do you want to know more about stainless steel sinks? What is 304 stainless? Why 16 gauge sinks? What is the difference between Single pressed and welded sinks and why do you care? What are the features and benefits of Eclipse Stainless faucets? What are the features and benefits Freendo faucets?

You can now get answers to your questions on the ANO consumer video page.

Visit www.anosales.com and click on the Consumer Video button or click on the picture below.

Consumer video page

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Plan an Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor kitchens are not just for warm climates anymore. While seasonal, good planning can lead to a successful outdoor kitchen in nearly any climate. Eclipse Stainless sinks and faucets can be a great part of your plan. The solid stainless steel sinks and faucet hold up in harsh winter weather as long as you make sure to provide a way to drain the water supply in winter.

5 6 7 8 th th2 3 4

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Unusual Kitchen Wall Hangings

If you are looking for unusual ways to decorate your kitchen try these unusual wall hangings or use these as a starting point to create your own.

Car-at-the-wall-on-Modern-Kitchen-Design-with-Unusual-Decorations artistic-kitchen-wall-art Unique-Utensils-Kitchen-Vinly-font-b-Wall-b-font-Sticker-Art-Decor-Kitchen-font-b-Wall unique-wooden-wall-shelf-kitchen-design-storage utensils-wall-decor il_570xN.514326155_5g9518style01_500 11464 cb986948f99bb3d223f6f9d2023f2821

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What is NSF/ANSI 61?

From http://www.nsf.org.

If you manufacture, sell or distribute water treatment or distribution products in North America, your products are required to comply with NSF/ANSI Standard 61: Drinking Water System Components – Health Effects by most governmental agencies that regulate drinking water supplies. Developed by a team of scientists, industry experts and key industry stakeholders, NSF/ANSI 61 sets health effects criteria for many water system components including plumbing devices (faucets, drinking fountains.)

NSF/ANSI 61 testing covers all products with drinking water contact from source to tap,ANSI 61 logo and determines what contaminants may migrate or leach from your product into drinking water. It also confirms if they are below the maximum levels allowed to be considered safe.

Because of concerns about the leaching of lead and other impurities into drinking water, all kitchen and bathroom faucets sold in the U.S. are required to meet the lead leaching requirements of American National Standard NSF/ANSI 61. Certification to this standard is usually noted on the product packaging as well as on the actual product. If you don’t see a reference to NSF/ANSI 61 certification on the product or packaging, the faucet may not be intended for drinking water use.

Avoid drinking water from outdoor spigots, laundry tub faucets, bathtub spigots and utility sinks. Because these products are not intended for dispensing drinking water, they are not required to meet the same material safety standards as kitchen and bathroom faucets.

Both the faucet manufacturers offered by ANO, Eclipse Stainless and Freendo, meet these standards and carry ANSI 61 certification.


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Unusual Kitchen Countertops

Want something different. Here is a collection of of unusual kitchen countertops. ANO has a faucet to go with them all.


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